13 Ağustos 2007 Pazartesi

Stick Magnetic Ribbons on your SUV

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My cunt, my cunt,
My country's calling me;
Asshole, asshole,
A soldier I will be;
To piss, to piss,
Two pistols by my side;
A whore, a whore,
A horsie I will ride!

I'm sitting here in Iraq,
And I wish my head had eyeballs in the back.
It's a bummer that my Hummer isn't armoured to a teeth
Show me your support; you spend a Dollar ninetythree.
A Dollar ninety three.

Oh, Stick magnetic ribbons on your SUV,
Keep your apathy and get off scott-free.
If I don't see a ribbon on that SUV,
I'll call you a red,
Wish you were dead,
Put the blame on weed.
If I don't see a ribbon on that SUV.

Please don't send me to Iran.
And I sure don't wanna see Afghanistan.
Any day now I could be another grunt sporting a stone.
So buy another ribbon while you're paying at the pump.
You're paying at the pump.

Go stick another ribbon up your SUV.
Stick your apathy up your passivity.
If I see another ribbon on that SUV:
I'll flip you the bird and make a word of the day; complacency.
So stick that stupid ribbon up your S-U-V

Now the whole damn world is bleeding
And the last thing that we need
's another fucking ribbon on that gas-guzzling SOB…

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